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Hi, I'm Hayward

"Life is a matter of choices, and every choice you make makes you." — John Maxwell


As a principal of an elementary school, I've seen firsthand how the choices that people make can impact them for the rest of their lives. And I've seen a series of bad choices pile up into some really bad situations.


One choice that people choose amiss is the music that they listen to. The staggering amount of sensuality, toxicity, and occult content in today's generation of hip-hop and R&B music is poisoning the minds of countless youth— a constant attack against the minds of the coming generation.


Will you join in the fight with me to spread the message that the prince of the air is fighting against our young people? Help us help the youth by purchasing Weapons of Mass Distraction for the children you care about, and for the parents who love them.

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For schools, churches, and those who minister to our youth

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